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Please note, all IQOS Products are sold with warranty from IQOS. Upon purchase of IQOS device, please add notes to purchase with your D.O.B, for us to fully activate your warranty. Your personal information ie Name, DOB , email & mobile number will be share with Phillip Morris .

Authorised reseller of IQOS Kits & Heets in UK

IQOS has undergone dozens of clinical and field studies to evaluate the effects of heated tobacco. The results clearly show that completely switching to IQOS poses fewer health risks than continuing to smoke After a decade of expert scientific research and huge financial investment, IQOS now offers a better alternative for smokers who don't want to quit. Thanks to the use of real tobacco, it is as satisfying as a cigarette*, heated, not burned. *Source: 3-month clinical trials conducted in the USA and Japan with the participation of 160 adult smokers in real-world settings (ambulatory). .