IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection Sticks | 10 Pack


Description of taste: Turquoise Selection:

Turquoise Selection: tobacco sticks with a pleasant fresh taste that surprise you with their subtle spicy notes, giving you a refreshing sense of sophistication.
The sticks smell like mint. But let’s immediately note that they taste different. Smokers are used to a lot of mint in cigarettes, which leaves a menthol aftertaste. In the Turquoise label, everything is different, there is no cold, tobacco and mint appear in a beautiful harmonious tandem of 50/50. The coldness is felt, it is quite bright and intense, but the aroma of tobacco is also felt.

Tobacco products (HeatSticks) are intended only for electric heating of iQOS. The sale is made by 1 box.

This box contains 10 packs of HEETS tobacco sticks. Each package contains 20 sticks, that is, a total of 200 sticks.
If you wish to mix & match packages, please contact us.