IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Sticks | 10 Pack


Description of taste: Yellow Selection:

Yellow Selection: lightweight sticks are suitable for comfortable daily use. It is ideal to start with tobacco heaters: they emit a pleasant smell and little smoke. They are quite strong and easy to pull.
HEETS Yellow Selection tobacco sticks have a soft, subtle citrus taste with a subtle, well-balanced tobacco flavor that is slightly accentuated by herbal notes.
HEETS Geel has a spicy taste of tobacco mixture and pleases consumers with a pleasant aftertaste.

Tobacco products (HeatSticks) are intended only for electric heating of iQOS. The sale is made by 1 box.

This box contains 10 packs of HEETS tobacco sticks. Each package contains 20 sticks, that is, a total of 200 sticks.
If you wish to mix & match packages, please contact us.